Who We Are As Stewards

What will we drink? or
What will we wear? …
Seek ye first the kingdom of God
and God’s righteousness
and all these things will be given to you as well.
Matthew 6:31-33

We, the family members of Westminster Presbyterian Church, share the gifts that God has bestowed upon us in three ways, which can be referred to as the “Three ‘T’s of Stewardship”:

We give our Time:

Whether it is building homes, cooking meals for the homeless, or volunteering in the church office, when we work for the glory of God, there is no greater task. When we give our time, we give one of the most prized limited resources. For nobody can get more than 24 hours from a day, and no moment in time can ever be relived.

We share our Talent:

Our talents differ from our time in that the skills that we gain from our education, training or job experience give us special skills that set us apart. When an attorney performs pro-bono legal work, a doctor provides free medical care or a teacher shepherds a Sunday school class, they are applying their talents for the greater good.

We offer our Treasures:

Many of us at Westminster Presbyterian Church are blessed with comfortable living standards. Those comforts are often the fruits of hard work and career successes. God wants us to share our financial fruits for God’s greater glory. The real-world realities of operating a church in the 21st Century require financial resources. Thus, while time and talent are important gifts, monetary offerings are required for a modern-day church to operate successful ministries and are an integral expression of our faith commitment and trust in God.

If you have questions about stewardship or tithing, please feel free to consult with our Pastor or Stewardship Elders Mickey Rigney, Linda Puckett, or Larry Bartlett.

To Tithe or Not-to-tithe…that is the question.

While many Christian communities still promote tithing, we at WPC use it as a guideline. The Old Testament or Mosaic Law is very clear that God’s people are to give one tenth (10%) of their gross earnings to the church. However there is a belief among Christian theologians that the Christian law, which supersedes Mosaic Law, states that all that is in our possession already belongs to God, and that we are trusted to serve as custodians or STEWARDS for what already belongs to God.

While we tend to measure the extent of our giving in quantitative terms, we are also commanded to give great quality.

“Honor God with the first fruits from your harvest.”

Proverbs 3:9

“Each should give what he or she has decided from the heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

2 Corinthians 9:7

Put another way, we should give the best, sweetest, tastiest, blue ribbon winning fruit from our harvest! And, while circumstances may not allow some to give a full ten percent, others will have the ability to give more.

What does the PCUSA believe?

“Giving has always been a mark of Christian commitment and discipleship. The ways in which a believer uses God’s gifts of material goods, personal abilities, and time should reflect a faithful response to God’s self-giving in Jesus Christ and Christ’s call to minister to and share with others in the world. Tithing is a primary expression of the Christian discipline of stewardship.”

Book of Order W-5.5004

 “Those who follow the discipline of Christian stewardship will find themselves called to lives of simplicity, generosity, honesty, hospitality, compassion, receptivity, and concern for the earth and God’s creatures.”

Book of Order W-5.5005

WPC’s giving

WPC is a unique church in that it tithes 10% of its total annual budget with non-profit organizations in the Fort Worth community and around the world. WPC believes that as scripture requires its members to tithe back to God, so too WPC tithes back. For a complete list of the organizations we support, click here.

As good financial stewards, the church plans its expenditures based on expected contributions. Thus, we ask that our family members make annual pledges, so that we can better forecast our finances.

Changing Circumstances

We understand that circumstances in our day to day and personal lives may change. Thus, when financial conditions change, the church understands that you may need to adjust your pledge. Should you need to change your pledge, please contact WPC Treasurer Larry Atkinson.

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